Earthwise: earth ways.

Musings about the inspiration for much of my work: simply stepping outside my door and being aware of the seasons.

It is raining in California. And some of us are nervous about it. Only occasionally do we experience the river dance; this year the Coyote was a trickster. The waters have receded from the great flood of late February 2017 here in San Jose, but respect for the power of water in flow will not fade from [...]


Full Moon at Summer’s End

by Cari on 08/29/2015

in Earthwise

Praise to the moon, bright queen of the skies, Jewel of the black night, the light of our eyes, Brighter than starlight, whiter than snow, Look down on us in the darkness below. If well you should find us then well let us stay, Be it seven times better when you make your way, Be [...]


To the Waters and the Wild

by Cari on 01/28/2015

in Earthwise

I have been away. Turning inward after the holiday rush, slowing the pace, seeking silence to hear myself think. During a cold spell in early January, a flash of inspiration led me to look up northern California hot springs. Taking my chronically cold tootsies into very warm water is earthly paradise for me, so this [...]


And Glory Shone Around

by Cari on 08/31/2014

in Earthwise

Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset? I am one who becomes rather ecstatic when I behold one, and I often attempt to capture the glory in my camera. How the light changes as you watch, the threshold feeling, a liminal time, the twilight hour. The blue clouds were but the beginning of the great light [...]


Swelling Summer Moon

by Cari on 08/06/2014

in Earthwise

The long indigo evenings of summer bring lingering moon views. This gibbous August moon reveals her details while the sky is still light enough for the camera to capture light and shadow invisible to the eye alone. Swelling summer moon, full of light, and growing. Friend of night travelers, lighting the way, brighter than starlight, [...]

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Full Moon Auguring

by Cari on 01/16/2014

in Earthwise

January’s full moon was just setting in the predawn light this morning. Even before morning tea, for this happens quickly, I nabbed my camera and was outside to capture this brilliance still hanging in the sky. I behaved in the same lunatic way last night upon seeing the moonrise. Sometimes it seems the best way [...]


The New Year’s New Moon

by Cari on 01/03/2014

in Earthwise

A new moon on new year’s day! I can’t remember such synchronicity but then, I haven’t always followed the moon as closely as I do now. The merging of these two calendars, the lunar and the solar, seems auspicious. Beginning the year in complete lunar darkness creates an especially good time for the long view, [...]


Dragonfly Visit

by Cari on 07/18/2013

in Earthwise

As I step away from busy days in the studio, I often go outside to recharge in the garden or by the creek. Today I stayed close to the house to monitor a sprinkler and practice my daily qigong by the pear tree we planted for my father’s memory. The slowness of these movements brought [...]


Meadowsweet Magic

by Cari on 07/03/2013

in Earthwise

My ancestral English heart is so delighted with the appearance of two blooms on my small meadowsweet plant. I have been nursing this plant along for years, in a couple of different locations. I grew it originally from seed, so am sure it’s the English meadowsweet, filipendula ulmaria. Every summer I try to keep its [...]


Moon in June

by Cari on 06/01/2012

in Earthwise

The gibbous moon in June, waxing as the year is waxing. So bright, even alongside the setting sun’s bright highlights on the treetops, in the early evening. My companion the moon, day and night. A bit lunatic, in the domain of dreams and cycles, reflections and musings.