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Prayers_Night Shadow diagonal

Morning Prayer / Evening Prayer

2016 Edition of 12; two books, boxed as a set Each book 4.5” H x 11 1/8” W x 1/4” D; 28 pages each Box roughly 12 W x 10 H x 1 D, Dreaming Mind Bindery, Castro Valley, California Morning Prayer I arise, facing east, I am asking toward the light: I am asking that my […]

California Revels 2018 - Chorus on Set

Seeking Convivencia: The Andalusian Revels

We sit in the darkening theater as the house lights go down. We have applauded the opening remarks of the artistic director and sit expectantly before the shadowy, exquisite stage, awaiting this year’s magic. As the audience quiets down, the clapping continues, and it is with a little thrill we realize the chorus is assembling [...]