Spelling Words 3 Title SpreadWelcome to my home on the web. A repository, a reliquary, a recreation, a response to our world. A work in progress.

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Prayers_Night Shadow diagonal

Morning Prayer / Evening Prayer

2016 Edition of 12; two books, boxed as a set Each book 4.5” H x 11 1/8” W x 1/4” D; 28 pages each Box roughly 12 W x 10 H x 1 D, Dreaming Mind Bindery, Castro Valley, California Morning Prayer I arise, facing east, I am asking toward the light: I am asking that my […]

Codex 2019_Marina Soria_Mira Calligraphia_detail

Filling the Well at the Codex Book Fair

Last week I emerged from my solitary bastion to go out into the world and rub elbows with other artists and writers. I’ve been thinking of my workspace as a StoryKeep – “keep” as in the inner stronghold of a castle, a refuge, plus another meaning of the word – to keep, to remember, to [...]